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Stories of hope, survival, dreams, success and the knicks........
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2/17/2018  2:00 PM    LAST EDITED: 2/17/2018  2:13 PM
When reminded of Franks family journey and that of the Mundiay's I'm not rancid about "a pick", or the toxic trail that our team has had for two decades.
Im embracing the stories of globalization and how the NBA has reached many lands and hopes. Our Latvian Unicorn is a nice one but that of Frank and Emmanual are more than just of "Picks" and "Winning". These are people who survived horror and immigrated to better places. Winning to them is more then +- and advanced stats. More than "Knicks should have picked.....", its about two kids whose family survived and had a gift to play a sport. Stories of older sibs looking out for the younger while single moms supports the family. We celebrate the Balls, Trumps and the bravado behind that but I'm enriched these two knicks stories.
I root for their success because maybe knicks journey of stupidity might have been worth it to have the two kids grow up and succeed in NY. Perfect NEW YORK STORY!!!!!

SO as a primer or reminder Im posting two articles about our yoots. Im rooting hard for them to succeed. IM pushing back on those that think they know what these kids are thinking, feeling or what the knicks are planning. Am I being over sensitive? You betcha!!!! These stories tugged at my heart. Some might see frank pass too soon and want him gone. He is tired, want him to sit. Passes to much, want him in Westchester until he is ready! Want him "Humbled" to play harder. You think Franks family experience needs him "Humbled"?
I am rooting for them to stay in the game and push for them to reach their dreams and if so this team will succeed!



You don't show a fool a job half done!
Stories of hope, survival, dreams, success and the knicks........

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