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Worse 3rd Quarter Team In The League.....
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3/14/2018  8:00 AM    LAST EDITED: 3/14/2018  8:06 AM
martin wrote:
blkexec wrote:Maybe it's as simple as we are out coached when it comes to in game adjustments.....We come out hot.....then half way through they figure out the best defense and offense to run against us. I'm sure GS didn't plan on Mudiay having 18 at half.

We rarely have multiple players hot....but when we do it points to our best roster years....So it's always easy to change defensive focus to 1 player.....And on offense.....they probably said lets have more motion and force Kanter to be the defensive anchor.

Right now we have players that can get theres.....but until we see more consistent offensive outputs....its easy to guard us. We need more mobile bigs if we want to be a serious team. Kanter is great....but when his offense is shut down.....he quickly becomes a liability.....and the other team goes on a run.....just my recent observation.

I think it is as simple as the Knicks are just not a very talented team

Yep, we aren't talented and we are poorly constructed. A true sized SF would help a lot. Find a more mobile Center that can switch off with Porzingis. Those should be the goals for next season. A true SF moves Hardaway to the 2nd unit where he would be one of the more talented 2nd unit players in the league. I would roll with the 3 young PG's next season. We should have a better idea of where Franks future is at the point. If he ends up a 2 we can go after a FA PG in 2020. Personally I would love to get Julius Randle but we don't have the space.

C Porzingis
PF Randle
SF Mikal Bridges
SG Lee
PG Frank

This team would be great defensively

You could also roll with a 2nd unit lacking but we would add another lottery pick next season
C O'Quinn
PF Beasley
SF Hardaway
SG Dotson
PG Trey Burke

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3/14/2018  10:01 AM    LAST EDITED: 3/14/2018  10:02 AM
3rd is where the game is decided in NBA.
Not win/lose but if it will be close or one-sided.
Players who have the talent are warmed up, the coaches knew what they are dealing with today, the motivated players are locked in.
Bad players go back to bad habits, absence of clear goals cropping out on morale, legs getting tired and spirit is getting low.
Focus is shifting to after game activities.
As per coaches - they cannot control their own mind not talking about the mind of the players.
Shifting around junk with not make the result any different from junkyard.
He can teach them to meditate... but no one can control even his own mind...
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3/14/2018  11:34 AM
Well...i watched the game on a Dallas feed network. And everybody Dallas coach for his halftime adjustments. Seems like every halftime game we usually have 1 hot player. I'm generalizing here but if this is true like Beasley last night. It's easy to game plan on stopping one player...and they did that well by giving Beasley different looks with double teams, etc.....

We don't have those knock down shooters.....and the 2nd half unit didn't have many players who was hitting consistently.....plus we don't have a floor general who would've directed the offense to run through Beasley like Burke did when he came in....and Mudiay didn't do. We have a collection of players looking to increase their own stock instead of what's good for the team. I'm hoping once we get passed this talent evaluation stage and add more talent....we should see better 3rd quarter results.

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Worse 3rd Quarter Team In The League.....

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