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MSG: Who owns/follows the stock?
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2/18/2018  10:23 AM
Nalod wrote:
SupremeCommander wrote:
Bretrobert1 wrote:I really don't have any questions. I'm an advisor for a wealth management group and follow the business/stock. Was just looking to see if there were other shareholders on here and wanted to hear their thoughts.

Is there a way to PM someone on this message board? I was going to PM you, Nalod, but I can't figure out how.

former pro and former shareholder. I bought it on spec when the Knicks had a chance to sign LeBron. That's the problem - myself and everyone on this board is way too biased to objectively own a piece of the company. I would look elsewhere for input. If you are interested in buying I would wait until after the Rangers miss out on the playoffs. Losing out on those gates after many years of deep runs I think should provide a good purchasing opportunity


I took a quick 10% trade then too. Remember the co is different now.
I would not look at short term events like revenue from Rangers. The stock valuations with knicks and Rangers being at the top of their league valuations move this thing more than playoff revenue.
I read a report from my co. Recently and there is a lack of transparancy about what drives the company going forward. Did you read about the London and Vegas projects? Pretty out there stuff. Not sure how that plays out. Not a bad thing, its “uncertainty” and thats never a good thing, but really is it bad? Kind of like knick fans. Hate uncertainty.

I thought you didn't talk about stocks, ever?? Haha.

This (above) is basically what I was referring to. I'm more of a deep value type, and if you break down the BV of MSG, there's obviously some value to be had. However, how do you unlock that value? That's my question.

The spinoff a couple years back was a solid move, no doubt (can expand on this later in another post).

I do have some questions in regards to valuing the franchises. I believe they will continue to significantly outpace inflation (based on supply/demand economics) and the ever increasing popularity of owning a sports franchise to go along with the sheer number of billionaires in the world today. NBA franchise values are being driven up by a lot of young tech money, but unlocking that value is another concern.

If by the Vegas project, you're talking about the investment in Tao, then yes I'm familiar with it.

I'll post more in depth later on this week.

"I love you guys." -Norman Dale
MSG: Who owns/follows the stock?

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