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Willy watch
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3/3/2018  4:30 PM
MS wrote:Listen if you’re going to play Tim Hardaway 30 minutes when he shots 0/8 from three and shot 30% for 2 weeks players are entitled to be upset if they aren’t getting playing time. Let’s not forget they were forcing Ron Baker in the court too.

The Knicks should have sent him to the G league and let him get some work in if they were never going to play him. Still think the return was low.

True....What was Horny thinking?! When THJ was struggling with his shot, why didn't he bench THJ and let Willy get some valuable mins at the 2!!! Horny is an idiot!!

“It’s much more about the perception of the organization,” Fizdale said. “What I think we’ve done together with Steve [Mills] and Scott [Perry], Mr. Dolan and myself an
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3/5/2018  9:12 AM
Willy's probably going to extend DHoward's career by making him feel like a combination of Shaq and MJ during practices...
Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make the playoffs.
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3/5/2018  9:55 AM
Silver told knicks if they start willy they would be "Tanking".
You don't show a fool a job half done!
Willy watch

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