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Would Kanter give up his 18mm
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2/19/2018  3:20 PM
BRIGGS wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:His opposing man is shooting 52%!

LOL Most big guys do shoot 50% and he shooting 60%--so?
Since KP went down he is avg 19.5 -13.5 2.5 57% thats a stability player. If it wasnt for enes we wouldnt be in these games.

LOL indeed. Kanter's man has an average FG% of .479 against the rest of the league. So you're 50% figure is way off. Most likely the other team's PG through PF shoot much better with Kanter on the floor too. Kanter shoots 60%? OK that gives him 1 more FG a game than if he shot 50%. How many FGs per game is his poor man-to-man and help defense giving up? More or less than 1?
Would Kanter give up his 18mm

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