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GameThread Valentine Treat: Knicks host Wizards
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2/14/2018  11:38 PM
Minute distribution made me feel like this was Jeff/organizations last gesture before givin* the kids most of 5he minutes post all star break.

Watching ... popped into my head Mudiay reminded me of a bigger/taller Pearl Washington (Syracuse/Nets) and that is NOT a good thing in terms of NBA career.

Timmy needs to mature soon....yes HOT...but rest of game (passing/rebounding/D) he is simply ignoring

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2/15/2018  4:21 AM
Great tank loss. Except hornacek was actually trying for the win. 3 young PGs who need developing and he opts to play Jack 30mins.
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2/15/2018  4:44 AM
smackeddog wrote:Great tank loss. Except hornacek was actually trying for the win. 3 young PGs who need developing and he opts to play Jack 30mins.

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2/15/2018  4:51 AM
Oufff I was afraid that we win

When Frank plays well we leave him on the bench is the plan?

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2/15/2018  7:54 AM
skoonix wrote:Did I enjoy that first half? Very very much. Did I enjoy the 2nd half? Hell $#@#$%** no! When is the last time we played a good THIRD QUARTER?? Whatever the team does at halftime is not helping them. They play terrible the 3rd. And Hornacek keeps player on the court when he should be making switches. This was depressing - I actually thought they were going to win. Silly me! Grrrrrrrrr

Been saying this for years.....3rd quarter issues is a reflection on the coaches lack of in game adjustments. Don't forget.....majority of our coaches were young in their career. Seems like we always get out coached in the 2nd half......

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2/15/2018  9:39 AM
I don't think Perry wants to make an in season coaching change but this game definitely sealed Hornys fate, no way he returns next year. All I know is after the all star break it better be yoots, yoots, yoots
Briggs-- Frank is 2 yrs away from being 2 years away
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2/15/2018  10:49 AM
there's a saying that goes, good coaches win or develop talent; great coaches do both

they used to use this up here in Celtic's land to describe how Fitch built the team KC Jones won with. You can see that guys like Popovich can do both

I have very mixed feelings on JH, with the most recent ones being he might be a decent coach but on a different, already established team. I'm not sure where he fits on a building team. He's certainly not establishing any particular identity with this squad

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2/15/2018  11:32 AM
EnySpree wrote:
SupremeCommander wrote:great first half, better not follow up with a 30 point 2nd

Timmy is playing out of his mind.... if he wasn't shooting lights out we'd be losing.

And there you have it

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GameThread Valentine Treat: Knicks host Wizards

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