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Frank the Blank
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4/14/2018  10:19 AM
Jmpasq wrote:
Uptown wrote:
nyknickzingis wrote:
ccinflushing wrote:One of the best things about Frank is that he gives you such great flexibility in constructing a roster over time. I think he can play 1-3 reasonably well in time and the 4 in a pinch as well.

If these guys were healthy, I'd love to have seen a lineup of


Think we would have lots of versatility and flexibility on both ends.

While Kornet is a project, I like how he can shoot the 3 has immense size and blocks shots inside. This allows KP to be more aggressive as a man defender and not worry about the paint all the time. Frank can switch from 1-3 on both ends of the court.

We should seriously try not to make any big free agent moves and bring the above mentioned players back. plus our lottery pick and other young talent like Mudiay, Dotson.

Next year's team

Kornet/Porzingis/Veteran 5

I actually like Mikal Bridges as a lottery pick. Will be able to play right away. and a versatile player that can play some 4 and 3.

Looks like another lotto team to me...

Lotto? That team has a great shot at picking 1st

Frank the Blank

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