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Lukestaps Korningis
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2/9/2018  3:19 PM
BigDaddyG wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:
BigDaddyG wrote:
GoNyGoNyGo wrote:HE looked good!!! Now I am sure, the league will adjust and it will get harder for him BUT, he has some skills and maybe just maybe he can fill a stretch 4/5 role.

I was pleased with his shot blocks and rebounds more than anything.


I don't see him playing the four much, but his defensive rebounding was encouraging. He'll probably never be much of an offensive rebounder, but he'll be less of a liability if he can hold down the defensive rebounding. He at least brings something different to the table from our other 5s.

Kornet is pretty mobile for a 7fter. Curious to see how a Kanter/Kornet frontcourt would look. Pretty
sure we'll see it at some point this season.

Not sure about that. Kornet probably gets killed guarding fours. I didn't see that kind of mobility from him. You noticed he was always paired with Hicks coming in. Hicks struggled but he impressed me with his bounciness and mobility. What did you think off him?

Id be surprised if Hornacek doesnt give it a try, since the Knicks are out of contention, and KP is out. He likes experimenting with lineups.

Hicks performance was mixed, but I liked the energy he brought, nailed a jumper with very little daylight. Worked in the paint some as well. Enough to want to see Hicks get more PT to see what he can do, this is the time to do it.

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2/9/2018  5:10 PM

Kanter-Kristaps and Kornet!!!

You don't show a fool a job half done!
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2/9/2018  5:31 PM
Nalod wrote:"KKK"!!

Kanter-Kristaps and Kornet!!!

I'd actually like to see us start Kanter, Kornet and Beasley. That would be a handful for others to guard.

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2/9/2018  5:53 PM
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2/10/2018  1:18 PM
He's got skills lengthy active skilled
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2/10/2018  3:03 PM
Also, how about the job being done in Westchester. The Knicks have two guys on the roster that started down there this year that look like keepers. With two way contracts there is a real opportunity for the G League to become a true developmental league. The Knicks have done a nice job utilizing their G League team this year and they have stuck with the same coach for 3 seasons.
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2/11/2018  9:32 AM
A stretch shot blocking center is what Hornacek wants for his offense. Remember he had Channing Frye as his center in Phoenix. That is why KP’s best position is Center. He will bulk up during his rehab and really become an even bigger force I believe. Kornet’s build is similar to KP and he seems to be comfortable playing that role.
Lukestaps Korningis

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