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Jalen brunson= very much like Lowry and van fleet
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2/8/2018  9:49 PM
The raptors are awesome-- very balanced with two smart pgs -- they play great team basketball-- share the ball and have incredible talented depth. First thing I notice is their smart pgs who are not world class athletes or 6-5 pgs they are tough smart and good. We need so much. I mean we are far far away but let the Knicks find a way to get Brunson on this team.

By the way Kornett looks very decent--and I think the way to go for Knicks -- get more mature players in draft and undrafted

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2/9/2018  10:11 AM    LAST EDITED: 2/9/2018  11:07 AM
Agreed. I think Brunson would benefit this team greatly. We need to start really thinking about establishing some long-term stability at that position now. At least there's some legit young talent to sift through at that spot in the meantime with Mudiay, Frank and Burke. Mudiay's PT is way down this year but quietly, his shooting %s are slightly up, esp. from 3 (slight hitch in his jumper right before the release that probably should be cleaned up, but his % is better. Smaller sample though. 2 pt % being so low is alarming. Is he not a good finisher? No mid-range game? I guess we'll find out soon). Ultimately, I think the extra year of control along with being 2 years younger with arguably a little higher upside is what made the difference for us when deciding between Payton and Mudiay. Not expecting miracles here, he hasn't looked good at all so far overall but he's had some moments and there still good raw potential there. We'll see..

Hey, imagine that about Kornet -- a GL guy coming up (and we're not even talking about one of the top GL players mind you) and having an immediate impact like that. WOW, can't believe it, esp. after two of my friends on this board spent a good deal of their time berating the hell outta me the other day when I reiterated my thoughts about being on the lookout for some good young/cheap talent to help build a proper foundation. Funny, one of these dudes tells me a few weeks back that all I'm looking to do is "put together an NBA 2K17" team or whatever (absurd thing to say -- didn't even make any sense, I'm talking GL-level guys, not stars), and look what happened -- Luke Kornet comes up and drops a double/double with 4 blks on us. Hey, if this kid can hit a 3-ball, rebound enough and clog the lane/provide some shot-blocking at 7'1", he could help us, maybe more than Willy could've. He's intriguing. A nice development outta nowhere.. Can't wait to see more now and see if he can build off that impressive 1st game.

Along with the usual select group of guys I've been plugging (Cat Barber, Christian Wood, Brandon Ashley, I'd love to get my hands on Khem Birch/Janis Timma from ORL -- could be 2 nice role players for us there), two slightly more established guys I think we should be keeping a close eye on -- Antonio Blakeney for the Bulls and Jordan Mickey on MIA. Both have destroyed the GL and have had some nice moments in the NBA. Interested to see what each team does with them. Blakeney's a two-way guy for CHI but I believe a FA next year and Mickey may or may not be under team control for a little over $1.6mm (club option), depending on what site you believe--Hoopshype or Spotrac. I think these guys could really help out with our rebuild as well. Blakeney's a real gifted scorer with a ceiling that screams "a better Jamal Crawford" to me and just looking around the league at some under-the-radar types that may not be getting enough attention, Mickey immediately comes to mind. I know you've talked about him before -- I like what I see. Yeah, not the biggest PF around at 6'8" 240 but he's long and surprisingly skilled. Dude rebounds, protects the rim and I like his offensive game--a little something in the post, he's got a jumper all the way out to 3 and a very good dribble-drive game for a big, keeping the ball real low. He reminds me of a combination of Clarence Weatherspoon mixed with a poor man's Antoine Walker offensively with that drive to the basket game of his (only a much better defender). Adding Blakeney and Mickey next year if possible wouldn't be a bad thing at all imo.

Jalen brunson= very much like Lowry and van fleet

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