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So....prediction time
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2/8/2018  7:54 PM    LAST EDITED: 2/8/2018  8:14 PM
Trade deadline in the books and having lost our franchise player for the rest of this season less than 48hrs beforehand we sit with a record of 23-32.

I've been taking a look at the remaining schedule of 27 games, including tonights visit to Toronto. By my reckoning 20 of those remaining 27 are against teams with winning records and frankly I can see us lose the vast majority of them. Of the next 12 games, 8 of which are on the road, 10 of them are against winning teams and we should lose the lot. If we can also lose in Orlando and in Sacramento we are going to see a number of teams catching if not passing us in the lottery stakes by mid March.

We play the Magic and Hornets twice, Bulls, Kings, Mavs as teams currently either below or around our record. If we fail to win many of these games I genuinely believe that we could drop to a top 3 or 4 pick by seasons end. Overall I would predict we finish with a record of about 27-55.


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2/14/2018  8:12 AM
Horny will pull out all the stops and will be playing the last 11 games against mostly playoff teams that will be resting their best. He will recreate Woodson's historic end of season run and reel off a meaningless end of the season winning streak. The yoots (what's left of them) will play with reckless abandon on D, while Beasely, Jack, Kanter will all beast, smelling some type of new contract money from some other franchises, in far off distant lands. THJr will regain his shot and play 40 minutes per. Horny will ride him hard and put him away wet for the whole string.

We pick 8th and draft some skinny Euro love child of Gallinari.
BRIGGS is outraged, as he did not even have thread on this pick.
Nalod and his son both cry uncontrollably on camera. A new Knick meme is born

True to form, our 8th pick breaks his leg playing in training camp against Noah, who promptly retires, while suing the Knicks for damages.

Hope is a good thing. And nothing good ever dies, but it just may not make the playoffs.
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2/14/2018  9:37 AM
I predicted 30 before season and will stick with it.
The big picture did not changed since September.
No need to adjust anything.
He can teach them to meditate... but no one can control even his own mind...
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2/14/2018  10:05 AM
arkrud wrote:I predicted 30 before season and will stick with it.
The big picture did not changed since September.
No need to adjust anything.

To me it seems highly unlikely we win another 7 games this season.

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2/14/2018  11:11 AM
Looking at remaining schedule 4 wins tops.
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2/14/2018  1:07 PM
knickslions wrote:Looking at remaining schedule 4 wins tops.

4 wins too much!!!

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2/14/2018  1:21 PM
I can guarantee they lose all 20 against teams with winning records. Unless those teams rest their starters or if Beasley goes for 50.
I can guarantee they lose to Chicago (The Bullls own the Knicks this year) unless we play better than them.
I can guarantee we lose to Dallas. Unless Frank trips DSJr on his way to a monster dunk and puts him out of the game.

In short, I can guarantee that we have a 50% chance of losing 100% of the games if 95% of the players play and the rest play at a bit over 75%!!

But I hope we lose all of them.

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So....prediction time

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