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GameThread: Who the hell is playing tonight? DJ, did TOR upgrade their roster?
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2/8/2018  11:50 PM
Thing about Frank is that he was not drafted as a near finished product. He was not drafted as a Pure PG. They knew he was a Combo Guard and that his offense was raw. The idea was that you draft him for his Defense and Passing and continue to develop his offensive game. Frank can run a PnR and make all the passes. He just isn't a very confident and highly skilled scorer. That's something he can work on and develop along with Maturing his body. He'll be building on a great base of Defense and Passing. As he develops the game will slow down for him and he'll get faster at making decisions to drive and dish or drive to the hoop.

Burke also needs a faster Spread PnR type of offense to take advantage of his game. When he was put in sets that had max spacing and could run PnR he was really good. This slow meandering style that Jeff has been running isn't helping him. I prefer Jeff starting with Early Spread PnR and then flowing into the Motion stuff. I think you want to put a defense on its heels early in the shot clock rather than give them a break cuz you want to run Weaves or pass it around the perimeter before actually getting into a post feed.

It makes me wonder exactly how Jeff is gonna use Mudiay. Mudiay hasn't exactly set the league on fire as a PG yet either. What I did see was that Mudiay wasn't asked to wait and dump it off for a Weave or other slow developing actions. He seems to be looking to keep moving and attacking more quickly in Denver's offense. I wonder if Jeff would give him this kind of freedom offensively.

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2/9/2018  2:11 AM
I saw a lot of added aggression from Frank. He’s gotta keep working on it and being more comfortable with it. I see a lot of growth and think there’s more to come.

Was happy for Kornet with his parents there, pretty cool.

Dotson looks more swole every time I see him.

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2/9/2018  9:46 AM
CrushAlot wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:Kornet had a great first game, at least something positive came out of this game. Looking forward to seeing him get more PT.
He looked great and played with a ton of energy and poise.

Great to see him make the most out of his opportunity. I saw a blurb that Frank said he wasnt worried about Mudiay. He should be because Perry looks worried about him, to sign yet another PG.

I agree. Perry targeted point guards at the deadline. He went after two young lottery point guards. I don't think he is stock piling talent. He sees the same thing we see.
its both. We most certainly should be stockpiling young talent. Now more than ever. Nice to see good minutes to the Gleague guys.
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2/9/2018  10:19 AM
Wow. 8 pages of Craptors game thread and no dj post of Canadian honeys. Getting old?
GameThread: Who the hell is playing tonight? DJ, did TOR upgrade their roster?

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