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Cavs did what the Knicks were trying to do at the deadline...
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2/8/2018  5:23 PM    LAST EDITED: 2/8/2018  5:24 PM
Give Cavs GM Koby Altman a ton of credit here. The Cavs have imploded recently and are going nowhere fast and he blew up the entire roster at the deadline and actually made his team better through rebuilding.

Make no mistake about it, Jordan Clarkson, Larry Nance Jr and Rodney Hood were the exact type of players that Perry, Mills and the Knicks brass were looking to acquire heading into the deadline: they are all 25, having solid (career) seasons, still have lots of upside and are key pieces in a rebuild.

Clarkson is already a prolific scorer. Nance Jr is the type of prototypical active and athletic big you want on your team with lots of upside still. Hood is having a career year and is another prolific scorer.

Perry would have jumped at the chance of getting any of these players had the Lakers shown interest at anyone on our roster.

Magic was looking to dump salary to free up space to make a run at Lebron and PG in the offseason. Altman gave up a 1st, but it's not Brooklyn's 1st (so it doesn't look as bad for what he got back)

Knicks didn't have anyone on the roster who fit that bill on an expiring contract (Lee, KOQ, etc..).

Give Cavs and Altman credit. They got better today with young players and for the future. That's how you do it. That's what I was hoping we could do with some of our vets.

Cavs did what the Knicks were trying to do at the deadline...

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