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Time to Trade Lee so Dotson can shine
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2/8/2018  12:08 PM
Panos wrote:
Swishfm3 wrote:So confused here....what in the world as Dotson done to generate so much love on this site?????

ENY, it's time to put everyone on the block. No one is off limits at this point

Swish, it happens every year. People invest so much hope in players that haven't played significant minutes, then call for them to start. Within half a season, they are deemed trash and everyone is asking to trade them for a "second rounder". Its a battered housewife syndrome. "Things will be different this time"


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2/8/2018  2:00 PM
Doton should play for sure.

Lee, if he wants it, should have the opportunity to play for a playoff team. NY is out of the playoffs for this AND next year (barring a miracle draft pick).

Lee, KOQ and Kanter all deserve the chance.

I would deal Noah with a future #1 protected in 2020 for an expiring contract(s).

WHy nothing has been done is a real concern.

Yet another mistake by Dolan. When will it end?
Time to Trade Lee so Dotson can shine

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