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2/7/2018  10:31 PM
Knixkik wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:
Knixkik wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:
Knixkik wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:
Knixkik wrote:
GustavBahler wrote:Dirk became "Dirk" when he stopped playing almost exclusively on the perimeter, and started taking it to the rim. It was just before he won a ring.

KP might not be able to drive like he used to. Porzingis doesnt have to come back with a dribble drive to be a star. Its about getting better in other areas like a post game, rebounding, boxing out under the rim, and being an effective passer out of a double team, or single coverage.

Arvydas Sabonis wasnt known as a distributor when he entered the league, long after his prime. Still ended up being maybe the best passing center in the league at the time.

KP can use this as a challenge to become a more well rounded player. I believe he can do it.

I think the key for him will be to watch a lot of film and really study. Learn how to read and react to what defenses threw at him this season. He can improve while rehabbing. Shooting, strength training, and watching film can all be done during his rehab and will make him a better player when he's healthy.

Watching film alone wont do it. Has to practice, work on his game.

Shooting, strength training, and specialized training sessions. He doesn't have to be playing pickup to improve. If anything, he can save some mileage.

Is "pick up game" your new favorite expression? Because your are applying it to working with a trainer, practicing post moves. None of these things requires KP to play in pickup games.

KP will have to play in some the road, not full contact. You cant get back from an injury like that and return to the team like nothing ever happened.

Specialized training sessions is what i said and meant. Working with trainers practicing in the post. These are things he should be ready to do by late summer, during the later stages of his rehab.

No one (especially me) is suggesting KP rush back and start playing pick up games. So Im not sure why you keep responding with that point.

Not sure where you're confused. We are talking about the same thing. He will need to practice and train, which he can do during the latter stages of rehab. He doesn't need to play full contact to improve.

Im confused why you keep responding to points no one has made.

Some Reality Checks Here

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