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If KP is out for the year, what's next?
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2/6/2018  9:54 PM    LAST EDITED: 2/6/2018  10:19 PM
1. Gas up the Tank, because it is rolling again. Full youth movement. Half of us were ready for it anyway. Now the other half need to accept it.

2. Our approach to the trade deadline gets more urgent ( as in an all-nighter for front office over the next 2 nights ) but also more clear. Make moves for the future or make none at all. I think we could see Courtney lee definitely packing to make room for Dotson. Maybe this drives up willie's price a bit as that logjam is suddenly more like a few sticks in the drain.

3. Draft complexion sort of changes. Now instead of thinking mostly about a complementary piece for your core, you select best player available. Yes, even a 5. And with a pick in the top 10 and probably ending up higher, there's a lot of choices to be had.

Not even going to think about KP's prognosis at this point. We just know it ain't good and the knicks being conservative will probably hold him out for the year.

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2/6/2018  9:54 PM
a lot of losses
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2/6/2018  10:00 PM
Such a positive group of fans. Can we wait to see what we're dealing with first?
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2/6/2018  10:00 PM
If Kristaps is out for the year, the Knicks need to sell and tank. This game was like a funeral.
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2/6/2018  10:03 PM
SELL DA FARM....this means Luke & Bo Duke....the general Lee....throw Daisy and uncle Jessie in there too....thank straight to the bottom
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2/6/2018  10:11 PM
Certainly means we are not trading Willy. And likely will pull the trigger on KOQ and Lee deals. Personally think we should get late 1sts for each of Lee and KOQ. With five good picks we could do a lot in the draft...
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2/6/2018  10:12 PM
Whatever happens, it's looking like playoffs are unlikely, we just need to focus on player development and the draft.

Need to see a lot of minutes from Frank and Dotson in the backcourt.

As for the draft, i see a clearcut top 9.

1. Doncic (SF)
2. Ayton (C)
3. Bagley (C)
4. Young (PG)
5. Porter (PF)
6. Bamba (C)
7. Jackson Jr. (PF/C)
8. Carter (C)
9. Miles Bridges (SF/PF)

then a slight gap

10. Sexton (PG)
11. Mikal Bridges (SF)
12. Knox (PF)
13. Williams (C)

then a bit of a drop.

So if we get top 9 which is likely, i think we can find a difference maker.

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2/6/2018  10:14 PM
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If KP is out for the year, what's next?

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