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Package Willy - Make a Move - Do Something
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2/6/2018  6:54 PM
GoNyGoNyGo wrote:I think KOQ is a good piece. Always works hard. He is a good rebounder, shooter, passer and shot blocker. Yes, he makes some bonehead mistakes often but his skills are good enough to be on a contender, IMO.

I would keep him at a modest deal. Good guy too.

He would be the first guy I'm looking to move. Value will never likely to be higher plus he can opt out in the summer and walk. If we can make a deal that makes sense I say move him and open up minutes for Willy.
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2/6/2018  6:58 PM
GoNyGoNyGo wrote:
NYStateOfMind wrote:If they plan to move Willy, why not move him to Denver and get Barton in some package. He could more play time there and be with his brother. Denver isn't sure they can keep Barton anyway. Or may a move already and get Willy more play time and see if he is worth keeping long-term already. This lack of direction is concerning. This ship seems rudderless the past few seasons. Same movie, same ending. Unwatchable lately. Poor execution, coaching, reffing. This must be a Tank. How many games can you lose by just that much? A lot it seems. It is well past getting old.

THat would be a good deal. They have JOkic but Willy could be a good backup for them. Helps NY at 2 spots.

But how does it help Denver? They're in the playoff mix and Barton is a major player in their rotation.
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2/6/2018  11:21 PM
NYStateOfMind wrote:It is not a matter of yesterday, it is a matter of being proactive, not reactive of scraps. The deadline is in 2 days. We wait for what is left. Probably get nothing done. Watch this dysfunction the rest of the season. They have done nothing when they have had a lot of interest in several players. We won't keep them all, why not at least free up some cap and get picks. Play the kids and lose, we are losing ANYWAY and better our draft position.

The simple answer is that there are no viable trades out there.

The Knicks have tried to trade everyone not named Zinger/Ntilikina/Hernangomez on their roster for pretty much the entire Perry/Jackson run. Everyone.

The players other teams want and would give up a good asset for, the Knicks want to logically keep. The players the Knicks want to get rid of, the reason they don't want them IS THE SAME REASON THE NON KNICKS TEAM WON'T WANT THEM EITHER.


"Bill Fallon: [about the case against Rothstein for fixing the World Series] You get mud on your trousers, or horse ****, you don't rub it off. You let it dry and set awhile, then you brush it off nice and easy.

Arnold Rothstein: The World Series was months ago and the horse **** hasn't dried yet!"

The problem is not that the Knicks aren't trying to trade the players they don't want, it's that they are players nearly all teams don't want, not at that price, not at that contract, not at that AVV, not at that age, not at that injury history, not with that player option and on and on and on.

The problem is you are seeing trades that are functional and possible that simply don't really exist.

You are frustrated, many Knicks diehards are frustrated. Being frustrated is a feeling. How trades in the NBA operate are based on actual market conditions. The "marketplace" doesn't care how you feel, I feel, anyone feels. There is simply value and a broad consensus of values factoring in league trends and market scarcity.

You won't like to hear this, but your feelings are irrelevant to how the Knicks get better. They are relevant to you as a fan of the game, I'm not here to take that from you. The distinction is massive and many people don't make it. It's why so many get frustrated to no end.

"Should have paid Lin and rid ourselves of Melo. Lin makes every team better." - HofstraBBall 11/12/2018
Package Willy - Make a Move - Do Something

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