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Well we moving on up (cue the Jeffersons theme)
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2/4/2018  4:50 PM
The Knicks are now in the 10th spot in the draft. They are just 1.5 games away from passing the Lakers for 9th and the schedule continues to be brutal such that the Knicks could be even higher by the end of the season.

This season could not have gone any better. The Knicks have established 4 core pieces (KP Kanter Hardaway and Frank) and still have a chance to add a significant talent in the draft. .

By missing the playoffs and getting that high draft pick the Knicks avoid the curse of so many up and coming teams: being on that treadmill where they are not good enough to win it all butnot bad enough to get a significant talent in the draft.

I had settled on Mikal Bridges but if they continue to lose it may be possible to get a Michael Porter (if the back is fine) or Luka Doncic). How cool would that be.

If the Knicks do get that stud small forward watch out they will be a real problem next year.

Well we moving on up (cue the Jeffersons theme)

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