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Continuity might be important here
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2/2/2018  6:01 PM
CrushAlot wrote:
Knixkik wrote:Right now i don't want to see any major changes (obviously without knowing what deals are out there.) I would like to see KOQ moved for a late 1st/early 2nd round pick. Let's say early 2nd. That gives us 4 picks, and a real shot to add a lot of developmental pieces. With the 1st round pick i'm targeting a wing. Either Bridges (Mich St and Nova) or Hutchison, those are my top 3. With the other 3 picks i'll target a PG (Brunson, Shamet, or Holiday) who can develop behind Ntilikina and Burke and spend a lot of time in the GLeague. I'll target an athletic big man with the next pick (Metu or Spalding stand out) and the 3rd pick can be a draft and stash to build up that side of the equation. Maybe KP's fellow Lavian Kurucs, who can train with him in the off-season and develop for a year or 2 overseas. After that, i'll wait for the chips to fall and try to grab a rotation-quality wing on a 1-year contract who wants to try his luck again the next season. McDermott is a goner unless he wants to come back for the QO. Beasley is worth keeping on a team-friendly, multi-year contract. I expect Kanter to opt in.
Otherwise i hope for a quiet deadline and offseason and developing this group and preparing for a possible splash in the 2019 summer. We will get better with continuity and improving chemistry.
I think this is a solid approach. Also, the Knick roster has had so many guys pass through the past few years(though many were not very good) roster continuity would be a move in the right direction. The Knicks finally are in control of their own first round picks. Building through the draft and maintaining a young core seems like the direction the front office wants to follow. ESPN puts out continuity rankings every year and generally the best teams rate the highest for continuity.

Good point about the continuity rankings. Teams like the Spurs, Warriors, and Celtics barely make trades. It takes a player like Irving, a superstar age 25 or less, to make a guy like Ainge deal away any chips. He passed on Cousins, Love, Butler, George etc. Deals involving superstars will no longer involve more than 1 first round pick, and good role players can't fetch a first round pick anymore either, so it is extra important to maintain them and build up the rotation primarily through the draft.

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2/2/2018  6:24 PM    LAST EDITED: 2/2/2018  6:33 PM

I know the Knicks were 29th in 15-16. They moved up 4 spots from there even with the Melo trade.
It looks like the Knicks were the lowest rated team for continuity in 16-17 retaining only 5 players from a 15 man roster including Sasha. So the Knicks moved up 6 spots this year and many of the guys brought in, Hardaway, Kanter, Frank, Dotson, Burke, and possibly Beasley look like guys that will be with the team for awhile. Jack and or McDermott also might be brought back.
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2/4/2018  10:41 AM
Briggs, “Continuity” begins at home......
You don't show a fool a job half done!
Continuity might be important here

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