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Article: Porzingis can shoot over anyone, and that might be a problem
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1/31/2018  1:05 PM
Bonn1997 wrote:
Knixkik wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:
Nalod wrote:
Bonn1997 wrote:He has the shot selection of Melo but at least brings excellent defense. The problem is he's addicted to shots he's bad at.

He'll never change. He seems full of himself too. We should send him to the Gleague and maybe he'll be humble too!!!
Good article.

As KP learns to read (Feel) the double he'll too learn to pass out.

There's an assumption that he will learn. A lot of volume scorers do the same thing for their whole 10 or 15 year careers.

Some do and some don't. There's no way to know which direction he will go, but improvement is more likely than not.

He's taking more low percentage shots now than in previous seasons. Maybe that's the role he's in (or his misunderstanding of his role). But I'm more skeptical than I was a year a go. I'd call it more 50/50 but you're right there's no way to know.

That's why I keep saying the knicks have poor development skills, it has now been well documented, there are shot charts and statistics up the wazoo, yet very little adjustments have been made, if any at all.

Article: Porzingis can shoot over anyone, and that might be a problem

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