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Incredible nBA draft where many of these guys would go #1 in many other drafts my first top 10
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1/30/2018  3:26 PM
This thread is a joke.

Doncic #2?...You think Porter could have been a #1 pick?!?!?!

I'm calling it now...Wendall Carter will be a BUST if he enters the draft this year. Get it together Briggs.

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1/30/2018  4:55 PM
Jmpasq wrote:
BRIGGS wrote:#1 Marvin Bagley--I cannot dismiss just how f good he is at this size. Hes the best player-because he has the least questions.
#2 Luka Doncic(as PG) A shade above Trae young because of his 6-7 height
#3 Trae Young-- Wont be double teamed like he is now in the nBA lacks some finishing ability great visison highly intelligent great shooter
#4 Mo Bamba--Ive put him ahead of Dayton by a hair because of motor
#5 Dayton--would be number 1 in most draft and prob this one these guys are all so close. I didnt like the way he has playe down recently--he doesnt always play hard but hes got all the tools and size will prob go #1 and the top 5 are really just eye of the beholder--other than Bagely who I think has simply earned pick 1.
#6 M Porter--might ve been pick #1 if he hadnt got hurt but he did so hes discounted here
#7 K Knox--has shown enough to be considered mid lottery at 6-9 in a class devoid of wing players
#8 Wendell Carter--in some drafts hed go #1 as well. Bull with skills good on both sides of ball lonhg think athletic skilled big man with diversity
#9 Jarren Jackson--to me he is the next tier--the top 7-8 are all guys who could go #1 in certain drafts Jackson has nice two way skills as big but has never dominated--a slightly better version of Portis--maybe
#10 Colin Sexton--not 100% ready but not far off from what Darron Fox was last year with more muscle--very fast and storing to the hoop super athlete--PG the way the NBA is right now--not sure about that 1/.

to bad we didn't tank

Tanking is such a ridiculous concept. No team is going to lose on purpose. So what else are you going to do to tank? Play Baker? check, Play Lance? check Play Frank thru his growing pains? check, Play Jack? check. What else? Play Dotson?, Keep sessions and play him? Not happening. the only thing you can do to " so called tank" is to play the youngsters. Hopefully the 2nd half we will play Burke, frank, Dotson more and give them experience. There is no such thing as actually tanking. Again no professional team is going to lose on purpose.

Briggs-- Frank is 2 yrs away from being 2 years away
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1/30/2018  5:04 PM
Thanks Briggs. The order on the first six is nearly interchangeable. I’ve watched Carter and like him increasingly.
Knicks could do worse and hopefully he will be there 10-12
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1/30/2018  5:19 PM
Paris907 wrote:Thanks Briggs. The order on the first six is nearly interchangeable. I’ve watched Carter and like him increasingly.
Knicks could do worse and hopefully he will be there 10-12

Yeah, I like Ayton #1 because of his upside. He also has a lower floor than Bagley.

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1/30/2018  8:33 PM
Briggs, we've both been high on Brunson all year. In response to another poster, he's been mock'd between mid to late 2nd round all year. He was a big time recruit coming out of Chicago in high school and immediately excelled as a frosh at Nova on a very, very good team. The speed of the game, and increased speed when you go up a level just comes natural to some guys, and he's one of them. Every level he's played at, his teams have been as competitive as they come. He's a winner. You want guys like that, especially at the point on your squad.

I agree w/ your top 10 for the most part. However, one guy on there that I think I'd move up, just b/c his floor is higher than some of the others is Jaren Jackson of MSU. He's going to win Big 10 Defensive POY this year. Even if he plays limited minutes to start his NBA career, guys like that immediately make your team better.

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1/30/2018  9:02 PM
Anyone else like Trot Brown from Oregon. Good defensive player with guard skills might end up at SF.
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1/31/2018  12:41 AM
Welpee wrote:
Knixkik wrote:
Welpee wrote:Didn't they say 2015 was such a deep draft? How's that turning out?

It's still early but that draft was very good. Towns and Porzingis are possible franchise players, already all-stars. Booker and Turner have star potential and guys like Russell and a few others still have pretty good upside. A couple busts, but that's every draft.

Couple of busts? Yeah it still early but: 2 of the first 3 picks have already been traded. Hezonia, Johnson, Cauley-Stein, Mudiay, Winslow, Kaminsky have been disappointments, and this is just off the top of my head. Almost every year leading up to a draft we hear about all the studs on the board, later to learn it didn't work out that way.

But like you said, there's time for some if these guys to find there niche.

Yeah...the top 10 for 2015 is spotty, but I still use the 5 year rule, and we have 2 more seasons to go.

I have to note that many of the players who Phil didn't take, had fans on UK, and at least so far, KP is looking like a very solid pick, who I believe is still only playing at about 60-70% of what he will eventually be as a player.

Hezonja, Mudiay, Johnson, Frank K, Stein, and Winslow have all underperformed, and while they have time to improve, I don't think any will be better than KP in the long run.

These drafts are crap shoots. I know that I seem to have overrated 2015. Maybe it ends up as a very good draft, the the mediocrity of the top 10 so far, except for Towns and KP, is rather strange for a draft that some considered special.

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1/31/2018  6:40 AM
Trae Young last night 45 points 9 assists 4 rebounds
Incredible nBA draft where many of these guys would go #1 in many other drafts my first top 10

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