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Knicks vs Jazz Game Thread
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1/20/2018  10:59 AM
Frank was bad. KOQ was off but he produced. Kanter picked it up after slow start.

Hardaway was on fire offensively and he covers the lack of O from the PG spot a bit. Lee was good again after a few weak ones. KP needs to get closer and to the paint. Too much is from beyond the arc. Really needs to go to big man camp with Hakeem.

Burke....he is playing himself into time and Frank is playing his way to the bench. Burke plays a nice pick and roll and is NOT AFRAID to take the shot. He gets into the paint well too.

So far so good for Burke. He was a 1st round pick, so the talent is there.

Yet another mistake by Dolan. When will it end?
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1/20/2018  9:47 PM
I really liked Burke's play last night. He got KP and Beas the ball in good spots and grew into the game. I hope we continue to increase his minutes
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Knicks vs Jazz Game Thread

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