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We need to toughen up
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1/11/2018  7:18 PM
jrodmc wrote:So after all this naked options market trading analysis, you decide you want to trade our unicorn for an @sshole? Is that like trading a dollar for a bag of really good fishegg ****?

On the other hand, I would love to see what the NY media and DEEEEEEFENSE knick fans would do with someone like Harden. Listening to Clyde watch that night after night would probably force me to get TV reception again.


Harden is 28. He'll be in his age 32-33 season when his extension ends ( why would he not opt in his last year that's a player option? That's a whopping 47 million, he's not getting that on the open market by then) Pushing 40+ million to 45+ million for several years, where the cap has fallen short the past few years of projections, it's not sustainable, esp in the loaded Western Conference.

Other key free agents don't want to play with him. He disappears often in critical moments. He is a volume player. But again, as stated, he's a lousy and lazy defender. He does play "efficiently" in terms of high percentage shots but he's just not a player that will take you past the late treadmill.

Going to the gutted East, he can lead the Knicks to the playoffs and maybe into 2nd round exits for the next four years.

Zinger would go West, where international players are embraced in Houston, and reset the Rocket timeline under new ownership. They would also love to shed Harden's contract.

If the Knicks believed Zinger would walk the first chance he'd get, going after Harden is a concession you would never win a ring in his era, but you'd see the Knicks at least make the playoffs consistently. The trade kicker and salary match would be problematic, but it's simply a lot more functional than a Boston/NY deal.

IMHO, it passes The Mirror Test. There's upside and downside for both teams. Rockets would get the greater long term potential, but with more health risk. Knicks would get a lock in long term, albeit an overpay, and could try to put a fun product on the floor, even if they know they have no chance at a ring ( The Suns under Nash did this, they knew they couldn't win deep in the playoffs, but they were fun to watch and they played good solid entertaining basketball)

Is it an ideal trade? No. But if the inkling is Zinger will walk, then it's the most value given market conditions compared to a lot of what's out there.

"Should have paid Lin and rid ourselves of Melo. Lin makes every team better." - HofstraBBall 11/12/2018
We need to toughen up

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