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GameThread: Knicks at Wizards
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1/4/2018  10:07 AM
SupremeCommander wrote:
martin wrote:
Vmart wrote:
HofstraBBall wrote:Question. Kanter was such a big part of our great start. Only 17 minutes tonight?

Did you see his defense.

Exactly. It was god awful

Did anyone see any defense last night.

Definitely not from Kanter. Frank has some good moments when he was on Wall.

If one of your cogs can't keep up, the whole thing falls apart. It's why I hate KOQ so much; for as much as he gets some nice rebounds and blocks, he sure f's things up so many more times to make his other stats negligible.

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1/4/2018  12:24 PM
Frank handled Wall incredibly when they were matched up. Had him completely frustrated and ineffective. Chin up people, it’s a learning and growing season. Jack is not our future, just there to keep the ball moving and lead. If we really were trying to win 50 games and compete in the playoffs we woulda signed Rondo or another player in his prime. This is all part of the plan and we’re still going to get some good draft spots combined with growth internally.
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1/4/2018  5:58 PM
Amazed at the praise they were giving Kanter at halftime. Wally Szerbiak must think we are all idiots. Sure he scoring but it was an embarrassing defensive effort that made his net value a wash - actually, even worse, a net negative.

I actually think it was Kanter's worst game of the season.

GameThread: Knicks at Wizards

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