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GameThread: Knicks host Spurs
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1/3/2018  10:18 PM
so watched the replay of the game...KP looked immature in his game, getting frustrated easy. Not even sure why he was rolling to the basket on the pick instead of stepping back and trusting his deadly outside shot. You hit that at a regular clip and they won't know what to do with you. instead he played PNR rolling almost every time and that too a really bad roll, leaving no space for the point to give him the ball.

can't believe i am saying this, but KP still has a lot of basketball moves to learn.
hook shot - non existent
post up - non existent
rebounding - non existent
kanter has way more high percentage post moves compared to KP

ntilikina looked like ugh ntilikina. tentative, rookie, started the with no hesitation 3 and then immediately started to just be his old self.
it's like 1 step forward 1 step back.
jack played good, LT shot well, mcdermott couldn't get free, kanter played ok (think back is still bothering him), beasley played "mystical" lol.

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GameThread: Knicks host Spurs

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