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Still learning how to win...
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12/23/2017  6:18 AM    LAST EDITED: 12/23/2017  8:12 AM
Kp lost that game last night against Detroit....

We were up by 3 or 4 I'm not fact checking... he's frantic and chucks up horrible 3pt shot that kills our momentum and sends Detroit on a unstoppable run to close the game.

All they had to do was hold the ****ing ball and run their offense. They were playing like they were down. They need to clean this up cuz this is not the first time this year that this happened.

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12/23/2017  9:28 AM
It seems it's two different teams at home and road.
At home they play smarter. more composed (KP included).
On the road they play a little uncertain and immature.

These next 4 weeks will be huge. Plenty of road games. If we don't win 40% of our road games, we'll fall below .500 and out of the playoffs by the time the 4 weeks is over. Interesting time. We're without THJ. KP is getting his rhythm back with injuries in/out of the lineup. We'll find out the truth about this team in these next 4 weeks. Stay .500 or so after the 4 weels and then I think the team is legit playoff ready. If they lose 80% of the road games, they're heading for the lottery.

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12/23/2017  10:27 AM
Winning isn't easy with a young team......If u ask OKC they will say it ain't easy with a new team full of superstars.

We have both young and new players.....

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12/23/2017  4:41 PM
WE also need to learn how to follow up a big win. We always seems to come out flat after a big win. Like we’re feeling ourselves and don’t have that drive and urgency. Young team. On the other hand, if you told me we would beat Boston and almost won in Detroit going into Thursday’s game I woulda been happy with that at the time.
Still learning how to win...

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