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I would trade frank and trade up for this kid Trae young..wow
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1/2/2018  12:13 PM
knicks1248 wrote:
StarksEwing1 wrote:
knicks1248 wrote:
Jmpasq wrote:
Juliano wrote:Strange free throw shooting motion, this kid has.

I can't stand his shot selection, he is weak as hell too. No way he gets anywhere near the rim on the NBA. Turnovers out of control as well, You can probably add another 4 turnovers onto his 6 a game just from his shots that are taken 5 seconds into the clock from half court

These are the same things i heard about steph curry, that's why he went 5th overall. You gotta remember, the NBA hands out flagrant fouls like candy, this is a ticky tac league, and more than anything, a 3 point shooting league. Frank is good to have, but so is this kid,

If i could have him and frank, i would be dancing down broadway in nothing but my boxers on tonight when the ball drops (what is it 9 degrees..no prob)lol

Now you want both? You made multiple threads about how you would easily dump frank for this kid

I said trae would be my 1st option over frank because he's way more aggressive offensively and opposing pg's would have to work a whole lot more guarding him than frank. As a 2nd option I like frank, and that may change if frank stops turning down so many layups.

Using an pick and Frank to move up would probably get you fired down the road. Young isn't enough of a sure thing to make a move like that.

Frank isn't as aggressive as young and Young doesn't have close to the defensive cappabilites as Frank. That doesn't equate to packaging Frank and an asset to move up. Frank doesn't have a broken jumper and he doesn't lack a first step. He doesn't have unfixable offensive problems that keep him from every being a decent offensive player.

And it's very possible Frank ends up the better overall player when all said and done by himself. If you are to move Frank and a pick for a player he needs to be someone who already proved they are a stud in the NBA.

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1/2/2018  7:25 PM    LAST EDITED: 1/2/2018  7:27 PM
We can argue all day who would have been the better pick at 8. I liked others over Frank. However there is no logic behind trading your first rounder after just one half/full season for another draft pick. That's crazy. Specially one that is showing promise. How about we just trade all our first rounders for distant future first rounders. And when we get them in here trade them for a new set of future picks. See the problem.
Melo Haters = Lin lovers who are mad Houston paid so much for his 15 Minutes,
I would trade frank and trade up for this kid Trae young..wow

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