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If you have access to Vecsey Patreon Article on Melo trade please post
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12/22/2017  9:40 AM
Jmpasq wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:
Nalod wrote:
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Nalod wrote:
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Swishfm3 wrote:I call bullsh!t on this story.

Harris, Favors AND THREE FIRST ROUND draft picks and Nuggets opted for the Knicks trash instead??

That was the package they sent to Utah for DWill except it was two first round picks.

IM thinking Utah GM at the time if I recall was crafty to have piggy backed on the Melo deal and got a good package on a player who declined in two years after.
Melo for all his short comings primarily stayed healthy and put in the work to stay on his game. He got that second contract. Dolan got to keep his box office draw.
We'll never know until Phil is clear to write his book what the deal was with the NTC and who precipitated that contract.

we know his buddy Charlie Rosen said Phil had complete autonomy on all moves during his tenure. He said tha last June.

You take everything quoted literally? NBA is full of guys telling us what we want to hear and team management in the job of selling tickes.
"Phil said team was competitive and then we win 17 games". Well, you think he gonna say "We suck, tanking and phuch you season tix holders?"
Of course not. You think Phil loved melo and gave him the NTC because he thought Melo was the man to lead his triangle? PHil was gullible to Melo's charms?
What does logic say? For a moment not care about defending the "PHil is a evil and stupid" code and think objectively?
You think when PHil was critical of him and "Devalued him" that other GM's were like "oh, we gonna get him for nothing because of what phil said! Those tape my scouting department put together of melo does not show anyting about melo holding the ball too long!!"....Riiiiight.

You think Phil loved Melo and his potential at the time to adhere to his Triangle and give him self to it as Michael did so many years ago???

What I think might have happened in the Melo negotiation is that Rosen/Melo agreed to take a little less than a max deal and in return Phil gave Melo the ntc. I believe Phil thought he was the smartest guy in the room and an experienced agent got the better deal for his client. What I know is that Phil's friend and confidant said on a podcast after Phil was fired that Phil had total autonomy. He didn't leave any room for speculation. He certainly could have and Phil was already fired so it wouldn't have mattered. I always thought if Dolan was involved he would have given Melo the max with the ntc.

The no trade clause is worth way more than that couple million he left on the table. That was seriously short sighted by Phil. I don't understand why they didn't make him a take or leave it deal. No one was giving Melo anywhere near what we gave him, it was really stupid. The Bulls offered him 2 years. Even other teams were limited to 4 and 96. They should of tops offered the same 4 96 deal that every else could with no no trade clause.

2 yr deal was due to the cap exploding in 2 yrs. Could have actually made more money if he signed for 2 yrs and resigned under the new cap. Assuming he maintained a level of play and avoided serious injury. Its why Lebron signed short term as well.

If you have access to Vecsey Patreon Article on Melo trade please post

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