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Finestrng--you were dead on about Dinwiddie
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12/15/2017  10:42 AM
I know you were singing his praises a long time and everything you said was dead on. The guy is a really good PG and will only get better.
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12/15/2017  12:31 PM
Nets are really lucky to have the young guys they have after trading away their picks over the years. They have 5-6 guys that can grow together.
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12/15/2017  12:40 PM
glad there's a thread on this
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12/15/2017  4:20 PM    LAST EDITED: 12/15/2017  5:06 PM
Thanks for the nod.

I love Dinwiddie's game. Big, talented, smooth and versatile. He played well last night. CHI made a mistake letting him go (I think he's a better player than Grant and Dunn, maybe Valentine as well. I actually think they currently have another guard they may not know what to do with that they may piss away eventually too -- Antonio Blakeney. This guy has a Jamal Crawford-type handle & offensive game with even better transition speed in the open court. I'd love to get my hands on him. He needs to get NBA acclimated but I see a guy here with even more talent than THjr. I think he's one of the best kept secrets out there. A real dynamo offensively. Can't believe this dude wasn't drafted. Worth keeping an eye on imho).

They're slightly different but maybe this is what we could have with Frank eventually--a taller, versatile do-it-all guard only with even better D. Obviously, we hope the ceiling's even higher, but 'Spencer Dinwiddie with better D' wouldn't be a terrible ceiling for Frank. I think I'd sign up for that right now. Frank's played well the past 5 games or so--I want to give him a lot of credit. He deserves it. High impact beyond sheer numbers.. The kid's made nice strides and looks like a keeper. I still feel like a young/quick, offensive-minded attack guard to go with him would be the PERFECT complement and really help enhance our overall attack. If we went out and added a Cat Barber for nothing and got him acclimated -- I think a zero-risk move like that could really do wonders. Cut Sessions loose, add Barber who eventually takes over for Jack (provided he earned it) with Jack remaining on as mentor/standby emergency PG). Jeff would LOVE a player like this--I'd bet anything on it. Barber's back in the States playing for the Greensboro Swarm. Even Trey Burke's playing great and we already have him in the system. Again, two trade targets that I'd love to see us look into -- Joe Young (Briggs, you talked extensively about this kid a couple of years ago. He's talented, I think he could flourish with an expanded role) or Demetrius Jackson, who I currently find the most intriguing out of these 4 possibilities. Strength, speed, awesome 1st step, tight handle, can play above the rim, above average defensively and he's a pretty good passer. Dude can shoot it too. Couldn't hurt to call up Indy and Houston about these guys just to see. And again to be clear to all the naysayers -- I like Frank. I'm looking for a guy (a talent upgrade over Sessions/Jack -- and I don't think we have to cough up much at all to get this player -- 2 of these guys would come w/o surrendering a single asset; the other two shouldn't cost anywhere near an arm and a leg to obtain in a trade) that can spell Frank in favor of a different look AND a guy that can play next to him at times.

Finestrng--you were dead on about Dinwiddie

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