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Basketball World Coming Around On KP
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12/15/2017  12:17 AM
nixluva wrote:I’ve been noticing an increase in praise of KP and his game as well as his potential. This year has made it much clearer what kind of player he is. There were a lot of doubts that he could be a Franchise Player but those are fading.

David Stern did something no one had ever done before in team sports. He highlighted marketing around the individual player. The NBA was the last dog to the bowl for a long time, and there were many pretty horrible players in the league, but he built around Bird and Magic, until Jordan, then when Kobe decided to go full blown rapist and Grant Hill got hurt, he used a shotgun approach. But the league has never changed in that regard.

People forget, before the Warriors were a powerhouse, national TV broadcasts had to try to sell the "interest" in guys like Jason Richardson. Antawn Jamison. Donyell Marshall.

People remember Richardson now for getting Steve Nash's wife pregnant, and the league actually intervening to basically save his life and Tony Parkers ( Don't mess with another dudes wife, not sure how these guys think they are bulletproof. ) They forget the NBA tried to force feed him down the public's throat when the Warriors got a rare national TV broadcast during their ugly years.

Zinger is really an awesome player, but if he was 1/5th of the player, he'd still be the best the Knicks had and the league would try to prop him up as a star.

Maybe the most pathetic thing about the NBA marketing wing is when Baron Davis got his nice fat contract, got FAT, then had to be photoshopped to not look so fat in print/static ads, because he was the best player on his team. Again, the Warriors. The rumors were, the team that digitally had to go in and fix Kevin Costner's receding hairline, frame by frame, in the 200 million bomb Waterworld, had to come in and make Baron Davis look not so fat.

For a while, broadcasters had to try to go to Houston and extol the virtues of Kevin Martin.

I don't know what to tell you. The media says something nix, and you just believe everything you are told, word for word.

Since you came on this board you have been way off in regards to trade value. - Briggs 7/28/2015
Basketball World Coming Around On KP

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