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Approaching game 25... should we make a move to improve?
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12/14/2017  11:56 AM
EnySpree wrote:
Knixkik wrote:
Paris907 wrote:So don’t trade Lee he’s a leader and don’t trade KOQ as he’s a Leader and well Noah’s a Leader and hey Kanter has leadership quakities too. Status Quo we can’t do. Its no fun rebuilding but a true rebuild involves securing picks and maneuvering to move up in the draft which I believe the Knicks will do themselves when they return from the Long trip Feb 3. Is Frank part of a nucleus? Too soon to tell. Likewise Dotson and Baker. We need a big and a 3. Preferably a two way stud or KP will bolt

Porzingis is more likely to bolt if the front office makes it obvious they are trying to lose for better draft position. It sets a bad precedent and creates a more unstable environment. Moving up a few slots is not worth sacrificing the positive culture being built.

This is my point entirely. Porzingas said he's teeing to make the playoffs. We can't sit on our hands and watch them burn. You make a lateral move to improve even if it's slightly to show everyone that we are committed to helping them win.

Easier said than done cuz guys are contributing. Beasley is a weirdo but he helped beat the Lakers the other night. He's stepped up alot. Thomas, Derm and KOQ have been holding it down too. Tough to see who we can move.

O'Quinn will be the one to move. Willy deserves real minutes to get into rhythm and produce. O'Quinn does some nice things but he also does a lot of dumb things. There are teams out there that can use O'Quinn that can probably trade us some extra guard depth. But i agree, it's tough to move anyone now. We need to look for small ways to get better without sacrificing future flexibility.

Approaching game 25... should we make a move to improve?

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