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Lavar is a bad dad....
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12/21/2017  11:30 AM    LAST EDITED: 12/21/2017  11:34 AM
blkexec wrote:
JesseDark wrote:I saw a report that Lavar is planning on starting a league for guys who don't want to go to college. Now that could be a move that I support. He can't exploit them any worst than the NCAA can.

And they thought this man was crazy.

He used that to gain followers, along with his boys. I bet he's now surrounded by guys with similar motivations.

This is exactly what I was talking about. He's developing a brand that will be hard to go away, and something his kids and their kids would benefit from.

This is better than going overseas right now. You get 4 yrs in prison for sending the wrong tweet or stealing glasses. I wouldn't want my kids to be in that environment. I rather they stay local.

Gotta love the hustle!

So...the NBA already has a developmental league financially sponsored by a major corporation and teams with direct ties to NBA teams and backed by the NBA's billions of dollars. Lavar is going to start his own league. If I'm a player with NBA potential with have no interest in college, which option am I going to choose?

He can start this league if he wants but it's gonna be filled with players who aren't that good. This isn't a new idea and it's been tried before a number of times...and failed. Heck the D-league/G-league would fail if it weren't backed by the NBA billions and turning a profit wasn't necessary.

You guys need to stop jumping on everything that comes out of that dude's mouth. There are a lot of broke "hustlers" walking the streets. Keep dreaming Lavar!

Lavar is a bad dad....

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