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LeClyde NFraziKina
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11/14/2017  12:04 PM
Clydes rookie year he avged 21minutes a game, 4 assists and 9 pts. He was 22. Full year stats.
Frank is just finding his pace and has a long way to go after 11 games.


Im not saying Frank is going to be clyde, but he is long, defensive minded and gets assists. Frank needs to fill out and get his man strength before he can penetrate like Clyde did. There is a smooth similarity.

Remember, Clyde was not clyde out of the box, and he was 22 years old with 4 years of college ball under his belt. Frank would be a freshman.
As for DSjr, its unfair to point him Marbury and Steve Francis regarding his mental approach. Good article about Clyde..........

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11/14/2017  12:13 PM
My hope is that Frank will eventually develop into a PG in the mold of Clyde. He’s got a lot of Clyde’s game already and just needs to develop his offense.
LeClyde NFraziKina

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