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How proud are you of this team?
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11/14/2017  9:37 AM    LAST EDITED: 11/14/2017  9:40 AM
I'm riding with these guys...

You know we all want to make the right trade. We all know the cap and who's available. We might not agree but we all know our **** for the most part....

I say that to say.... we need to just let it ride. We have a nice thing going. I expect Jack to fizzle since he's old and he's coming off major injury. Frank is gonna be ready to start sometime this season. We have the depth to handle 82 games. We really could use some reinforcements but not at the expense of this chemistry. I think Perry knows this, that's why Kuz was let go. Losing Kuz has no effect on chemistry.

If anything we need to focus on a way to add talent via free agency in the off season. With the way guys are playing this year, i would love to be a part of this if i was a free agent. We are playing some good basketball. Lots of good dudes here

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11/14/2017  9:38 AM
Ride or Die Baby....
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11/14/2017  11:24 AM
I enjoyed the game last nite A LOT!! I see some are furious we "Blew" the lead but aren't leads good?
A big lead against the Cav's is something. Assumption are "We good enough to get it, good enough to hold most of it?"
Damn, that was the Cav's. That was Lebron, Wade, Love and Korver, the 4th leading 3pt shooter in the history of the NBA got hot.
And Frank looked like a rookie on offense.
Was super happy the team did well without KP.
Good teams need to learn how to close out games. Knicks are really not even at that level, so to find yourself up on the Cav's like that was a bit of a mindPhuch for them.
No need to suggest trades this morning or rant on how coach blew it. Guys get tired. Frank might be 19 but the idea is not have him close games tired. Tired means mental mistakes and emotions not as clear!!!
Proud? Well, lets say if not being embarrassed by losing a game, especially one that we had a command on at one point then yeah, "Im proud".
Kp is the man now, they put a beat down on him. He got some nice calls for it, but he missed two key FT's. Does that mean he has to put on 50lbs of muscle or we trade him?
Naw, it just means he knows what to expect down the road and has to learn to deal with it. Dude was no. 2 in the NBA in scoring after a month and he is a target now. We mostly talk about growing into the physical aspect of the game but mentally there is a process too.
Frank had a key turnover spinning in the lane. He looked bad.
Lebron and Wade took over the last 5 min of the game. This is what developing youth looks like. THis is what rebuilding looks like at times. It can be messy at times.
Phil tore it apart. Knicks are now on the upside. Still takes time.
If winning is the only outcome that is acceptable then I feel sorry for those fans. Im not settling, its just a reality.
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11/14/2017  11:53 AM    LAST EDITED: 11/14/2017  11:54 AM

Check out the opening tip. The bump that Kanter gave Lebron. fast forward to seconds 18-22

For some reason I can't make gifs so had to post the full youtube video.

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11/14/2017  12:08 PM
I'm more ready than proud... these guys haven't really accomplished much. But I am enjoying their effort
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11/14/2017  12:26 PM
This is how teams learn to become better. I just hope they take this game as what it was...a learning experience....I do not care what the record for the CAVs is...they are....were a championship team.....they have at least 4 former all stars and 2 HOF players...and the best player on the planet...

The Utah game is important....no let down...#classictrapgame....

It is funny to be talking of trap game with these NYKs .....I have not thought about the term...."trap game" in a while.....come real far in almost 1 mth.

How proud are you of this team?

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