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KOQ and Kuz for Crowder straight up
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11/7/2017  9:24 AM
GustavBahler wrote:
BigDaddyG wrote:I think Crowder's situation is similar to Lee's last year. One solid defender can't fix all of the roster's weaknesses. That and he's not hitting his three at a decent rate. He's not that much better than Lance if he"s not hitting from downtown.

Agree, Lance is a Swiss Army Knife on the floor. Working his way back to being a full time starter. If we could move KOQ (and or Kuz) for another PG, and drop Sessions, that could help get us to the playoffs, depending on who we get.

Kanter helped make KP better by showing such an aggressive post game, maybe a PG who can get to the rim more than Jack or Sessions would give Frank some encouragement as well.

I was thinking the same thing....Then I had to put my melo hate away......And give Melo credit for showing KP how to be a lead dog in the NBA. Kanter is showing UP how u can still be a dominate player in the post. KP looks like he combined melo and Kanter game.

I believe sessions and Jacks role is similar. one penetrates and the other is half court type in Jack. Frank gets to learn from two different PG styles.

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11/7/2017  9:54 AM    LAST EDITED: 11/7/2017  9:57 AM
fitzfarm wrote:I think if we move a important piece you set the bar high, crowder is not enough for a player leading the league in blocks off the bench and is a rebounding machine.... if and only if we decide to move on from O’quinn I say we call Miami about j Winslow.

Their stats are almost identical minus the blocks, Winslow is on a short leash and is running out of time in Miami... he might just need a change in team to get back on track.... talk about lock down defensive 3 his shot is still questionable at best but at 21 he’s still just a baby

A couple SF's i'm looking at if we couldn't get J.Crowder who i just put a trade scenario in one of these threads yesterday of KOQ and L.Thomas for J.Crowder would be R.Covington who's a free agent in 2018 and plays both sides of the ball and a guy who i really think could be a nice piece for this team but isn't a free agent until 2019 is Tobias Harris who's a New Yorker and really wanted us to trade for him a couple of years ago and he's only 25 yrs old. Wilson Chandler is also a free agent in 2019 and he was the guy i missed most in that Melo trade.


Any one of those 3 would be a nice fit for this Knicks team.

KOQ and Kuz for Crowder straight up

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