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Who gets cut when Noah returns?

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I am voting Beasley
No one we trade two for one
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11/7/2017  11:08 AM
BigDaddyG wrote:
SupremeCommander wrote:
NYKBocker wrote:
SupremeCommander wrote:It will be either Kuz or Beas... contract matter with this stuff

I'm hopeful we could deal one of these guys and get a second rounder

Hoping you are wrong about Kuz.

I love him... I think it is kinda nuts that we signed Beas when we had Kuz. But he's clearly been passed over by the President and GM, and now by Jeff. Looks really foolish we didn't trade him to the Suns when we had a chance

It made sense before the Melo trade. They had no idea that Kanter and McDermott were going to be on the roster at the time of the Beasely signing.

good point

fishmike said: Yes. Sometimes I confuse the alerts with when your mom calls. BTW she said defensive guards are really important.
Who gets cut when Noah returns?

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