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I'd love to see us feed the post more
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11/2/2017  9:26 AM
I'm not necessarily talking about KP -- he needs to get his continually wherever he wants it, including in the post where he's been getting it -- I'm really talking about Kanter and Willy. Enes went 6 for 6 last night and from what I could see, they were all attempts cleaning up around the basket. How in the world are they not ESTABLISHING him in the post on the regular??? WAY TOO GOOD an offensive player to neglect like that...Willy too. I know Kyle's been playing well but to me, O'Quinn wouldn't be playing ahead of Hernangomez. I don't know if it's coming from the bench or if Jack and Frank have full autonomy out there but they're nuts not to establish and keep feeding Kanter the ball. Kanter's EASILY a 20/10 guy in the NBA, probably an all-star. He just needs the ball, and I'm only talking 13-15 shots a game, not 25. But he needs more than 6 shots. Clear as day to me.

Get Kanter more shot attempts, increase Willy's PT (needs more looks too) and get McDermott the ball more -- all this talk about we need a SF--why can't it be Doug? doug's another guy I'd like to see get double-digit shot attempts every game. I'd like to see us utilizing more of our weapons out there. Can't just be the KP & Timmy show..

I'd love to see us feed the post more

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