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Forum meeting: let's be realistic
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11/4/2017  1:55 AM
Paris907 wrote:
EnySpree wrote:Our bench sucks... nobody is worth talking about anymore except Frank KOQ and Dotson.... we need to see kuz play ahead of McDermott. I get the feeling were showcasing alot of guys.

Porzingas needs to play bigger. His game is shooting over smaller people. Houston exposed him. He's got to attack the rim not fade away. He needs to be reminded that he's 7'3".

Willy is soft. I don't want to hear that we aren't playing him enough, not featuring him. He showed us what type of person he is. He's soft. Sit back on the bench sucker and watch Noah steal your minutes.

Frank can't create off the dribble. Stop lying about it. It is what it is.

We have the framework of a really good team. I know we are looking at the draft, but we need to take care of the culture of what we want to be. No bitches allowed. Dotson is the mascot for everything we want to be

Your sucky benched played pretty well tonight. Give them a hand. OQuinn/Beasley/McBuckets all contributed. Likewise at 19 give the kid a break. I’m his first critic but the wheel is barely in spin and you wanna **** all over him. Yes indeed “no bitches allowed”.

Forum meeting: let's be realistic

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