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New way to build around
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10/31/2017  9:21 PM
Maybe the ground is shifting in the NBA and the way to build is around two big men. I see New Orleans with Anthony Davis and Derrick Cousins and us with our two. Not sure if Philly has scoring big man next to Enbid but maybe the model is shifting from guard domination. This would be good for us cause we are are in on the ground floor and can ride the wave.
Bring back dee-fense
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10/31/2017  9:44 PM
It seems like league is staring to have the super athletic do it all big man noe. Point guards are becoming passers again.
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10/31/2017  10:22 PM
It's a big man era again. All the great up and coming bigs can do it all. Davis, cousins, towns, Porzingis, embiid, and even Giannis and Simmons. All 6'10+ and can handle, shoot, block shots etc. Just amazing.
New way to build around

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