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Did the Knicks win a trade for once? (POLL)

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Melo is playing VERY well for OKC.
However, considering Knicks got back Kanter, Douggie Stale, and a high second round draft pick, I ask - did knicks win a trade (or at least not get fleeced) for once?
Were the Knicks sellers BEFORE the wheels fell off?

Rules of this poll: Judge the trade at this moment in time. Not one year from now or 5 years from now (although we can revisit anytime).

5 votes
Yes - knicks won this trade
1 votes
No - knicks lost the trade
5 votes
EVEN - OKC and Knicks had an even trade

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10/29/2017  9:06 PM
I don't have a problem with Kanter the player I have a problem with the all the centers
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10/30/2017  8:49 AM
I am/was a huge Melo fan - but considering the situation, the Knicks didn't LOSE the trade. I don't think OKC did either. They needed extra legitimate firepower to help Russ and the Knicks just needed a deal that wasn't completely one-sided.
Did the Knicks win a trade for once? (POLL)

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