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Is Lebron showing his age? (and lack of wisdom?)
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10/29/2017  8:48 PM
Is age finally catching up to Lebron?

Did Lebron undervalue Kyrie's contributions to the Cavs and did pride get in Lebron's way of patching things up?

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10/29/2017  9:54 PM
1. Thomas is hurt.
2. They have a lot of new guys on the roster(Green, Wade, Calderon, Rose, etc..) and as you said they just lost their second best player.

Chemistry isn't going to be great and Lebron has had awful spatches before. I think they eventually correct this but there no chance in hell that that team is winning a ring. If Hayward didn't get hurt, they might not even go to the finals.

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Is Lebron showing his age? (and lack of wisdom?)

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