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Gamethread: Knicks visit Boston
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10/26/2017  11:56 AM
NYKBocker wrote:
nixluva wrote:
smackeddog wrote:
nixluva wrote:This was evident all game! Guys standing and pointing! Bumping into each other! They looked LOST!

I can't stand Hornacek as a coach- like I said in the preseason he cannot seem to get his players to learn the basics of his system, each year he says 'oh we won't have time to learn all of it", or he doesn't bother doing anything defensively, and the players still don't get it. I don't know any other coach that is so incapable of the basics of coaching.

You have to wonder what KP thinks about this. He just played on his National team that executed at a pretty high level. He has to wonder what is wrong with this team that they can’t pick up basic basketball.

Brad Stevens totally out coached Jeff. He knew exactly what the Knicks run and had his players prepared. They knew the Knicks plays better than the Knicks. They blew up the Knicks plays consistently.

Horny has been out coached all 3 games.

I can get down with that, he was also out talented in 2 of them by a wide margin.

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Gamethread: Knicks visit Boston

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