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Worst backcourt in the NBA?

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Let's try this again. Which team has the worst backcourt in the NBA? Vote below.
Knicks - Sessions, THJr, Lee, Baker, Ntilikina
Nets - D'Angelo Russell, Caris Lavert, Isaiah Whitehead
Bulls - Justin Holiday, Jerian Grant, Denzel Valentine, Cam Payne
Pacers - Oladipo, Collison, Lance Stephenson, Cory Joseph
Hawks - Bazemore, Schroder, Belinelli, Delaney
Magic - Terrence Ross, Jonathan Simmons, Elfrid Payton, DJ Augustin
Nuggets - Gary Harris, Jamal Murray, Mudiay, Malik Beasley
Any other team
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10/21/2017  10:51 PM
It's tough. There's a really good case to make for the Bulls and Magic. But I think Sessions is the worst PG in the group and he's starting for us so I give it to the Knicks.
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10/21/2017  10:59 PM
VCoug wrote:It's tough. There's a really good case to make for the Bulls and Magic. But I think Sessions is the worst PG in the group and he's starting for us so I give it to the Knicks.

I voted Bulls the Knicks suck pretty bad but Hardaway and Lee are legitimate top 7 rotation guys on most NBA teams. Throw in Frank just because draft status and that gets the Knicks off the bottom

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10/21/2017  11:17 PM
I gotta go with the Bulls.

The Knicks left only mediocre PG’s in front of Ntilikina so he can win the job in time. Gotta give him a quarter of the season to get acclimated.

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10/21/2017  11:50 PM
Tonight - Lee, Sessions and Hardaway scored 28 points, shot 25% and 3 for 16 from 3.

How is that not the worst?

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10/22/2017  8:20 AM
I think it's us for now. Aside from thj it's basically fringe NBA players and Frankie. If Frankie develops into an adequate PG that changes though.
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10/22/2017  9:01 AM
Bulls you must add zach Lavine and Kris’s dunn
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10/22/2017  9:38 AM
Would rather have Baker playing the point.

Was not a fan of Hardaway when he left NY the first time, was not a fan of the deal he signed. Box score from Hell aside, I see a different player. THJ is driving, driving and dishing, making the extra pass. Making an effort on D, but he still has work to do there. Also shown that he's willing to take a charge.

His first regular season game at the Garden might have given Hardaway a case of nerves. He's heard the hype about his contract

Hardaway is doing other things, trying to find other ways to contribute. Looks like a more mature player out there. Was worried at first, but I believe he has a better chance to succeed this time around.

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10/22/2017  12:56 PM
BRIGGS wrote:Bulls you must add zach Lavine and Kris’s dunn

They also have Felder now.
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Worst backcourt in the NBA?

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