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Too early for Trade Proposals?
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10/19/2017  2:01 AM
Concerned about our poor defense and looking for an upgrade at SF. Watching the Suns tonight and they have a boatload of talent but need vets and a defensive 2 so Booker can sit when he shoots to much. This works on trade checker and would allow us to pick up TJ Warren at a cost... Brandon Knight being the main cost.

NY gets - TJ Warren, T.Chandler, T.Ulis, B.Knight

Phx gets - E.Kanter, C.Lee, Kuz

Rationale - There's no way Kanter can play next to KP as his defense is atrocious and he's very slow. Chandler plays defense and stays in the paint which would allow KP space to play the 4 (wish he would play the 5). Uliss did a good job backing up Bledsoe and could be a great change of pace guard to back up Frank (instead of the fossils we currently have). Would take D.Jones Jr if the Suns wanted to keep Ulis. We eat B.Knight's contract (unless he recovers next year) to get TJ Warren without giving up any core players.

Phx does it b/c Chandler expires soon and they get to pick up Kanter who is young and could fit with their youth movement. C.Lee gives them better defense and good mentoring for Booker. Phx supposedly always liked Kuz and he could give them backup minutes at the 3 - would eliminate potential logjam at the 3 between J.Jackson and Warren.

If Phx would agree, think this would really help/balance our roster out while adding some young talent. Thoughts/feedback welcome and appreciated!

Too early for Trade Proposals?

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