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The psychological state of New York Knicks fans
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10/19/2017  1:34 PM
Yes, exactly. This is why I never tried to blame anyone here. Do you blame someone about global warming? Humans do it together. I only have good words to say about this place because people here are willing to give me a chance to write down what I think.

Really, as a whole we probably should be a little bit positive. Sometimes I think we fans are too hard to our role players. They have already earned much less, and usually don't have much love from us. It is pretty awful. Sure, they don't shoot the ball well, but I think everyone has a place and a task on the court.

TripleThreat wrote:Most Americans are actually really lousy at math.

Out of the entire legion of Knicks fans around the world, only a very small percentage of them participate online in various forums or sites designed to talk about the Knicks. Out of the people who visit, only a certain percentage even bother to register. Out of those that register, only a small percentage decided to post. Out of those that post, only a small percentage do a majority of the posting.

So when I hear the time honored mindless narrative "blame the fans", I think to myself, you mean blame the same 8-10 guys who do 80 percent of all the posting, out of the tens of thousands upon tens of thousands total fans out there?

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10/19/2017  3:15 PM    LAST EDITED: 10/20/2017  12:18 PM
Well, again I didn't talk about anyone or people here in this forum in general. I talked about how and why many fans has this subtle psychological shift in their mind. If you are older, you have your fond memory to fall back on. Once Knicks was a respected team which could battle with MJ. This memory would made you proud to be part of the "Knicks".

But for the younger dudes, "Knicks" means something different. It means Dolan. It means someone who are rich but always stupid. Younger Knicks fans have to look at individuals' success to feel they are not that hopeless. The team was bad, but at least Melo was always good. It is just human nature. Keep in mind that if you don't have it , then probably just because age and experience have made a lot of difference to you. There is a reason I choose to post here not postingandtoasting or RealGM because People here tend to be more mature.

Again, as I said before, it still needs a lot of examinations. Every theory in scientific fields has to be tested. I want to post it just because it gives a chance for people to think about it. I don't really need to be the right guy, or smart guy.

If you believe me, I just do it for my conscience.

Let's try to test this theory a little bit. For the FUN.

I would suggest this season we will going to HATE these players.

- He is going to be a starter. Mills cannot trade for a 18mil backup. It would be his failure. No matter what, Kanter will be a starter. Then it means he will eat away the minutes KP and Willy will have.
- He is going to be a black hole because he will and should consider himself as a first option. He was part of the team which almost killed off that 73 win GSW. Now he is sent to this ...hmm...not very good team. It is very hard not to consider himself as alpha. I don't think he believes KP is better than him. It is just human nature.
- His defense is not very good, and thus can give people a lot of areas to attack.
- He is a newcomer, an outsider like D.Rose.

- He should be a starter. It is very hard to be a starting PG when you are 18. Frank will need a lot of time to learn how to play this most difficult position in NBA. It means Sessions will take a lot of minutes from him.
- Sessions is old, and people don't like it. He doesn't fit the "timeline"
- Well, his defense is not super good either. A lot of areas to attack.

The one will NOT be hated.

- He was once a knicks. Close to Melo.
- He will have a lot of people defending him because Mills signed him. If THjr is a bust, then it means Mills is a very awful prez. Then it means firing Phil was actually not a good idea. If you hate Phil, you will defend THjr no matter how bad he is . Keep in mind that I don't say THjr will be bad. I just mention the possibility.

If I am correct, We will be going to hate the first two very much and treat the third very well. I would hope I am wrong and it means the world is a little bit more peaceful than I assumed. Again keep in mind that I do not mean people here going to hate them. I mean around the internet and local media.

And then we can have a clearer idea on if, or how, favoritism has dominated our minds.

BRIGGS wrote:Boy I dont think this is true at all. Maybe the Knicks think that way? I think most fans--I mean a high majority dont care about the name on the back other than KNicks.

This will be an interesting year in terms of fans psyche. We have been bad while not trying to be bad--this is the first season they are coming out and saying---"we bad" so the KNicks fan will have to accept it for the greater good.
The main things I want to see out of the year

A. and its by far the biggest. Can KP stay healthy and play a nice team basketball game that raises the level of play. Id be happy with something less than a franchise player--Im not putting him on that level bt Id like to see CLOSE to it. The more I think about it--can he give me a career similar to Lemarcus Aldidge with a little more 3 point shooting and a % better block shots? Can we stone him into the 4 slot--know hes going to play 75 games and playoff ready--and get back 18/20-8-2.5-1.5 --I think that is attainable. Key is health

B. We need a season long evaluation on our guards. No names needed

C. Lets see what Kanter can do with 30 minutes--hes still young --so we need a full season to look at him with an open mind

D. Make Willy G the 4-5 back up--so that KP gets 27-30 Willy gets 23-27 Kanter gets 30 and one of Noah Oquinn etc.. mop up the rest.

E. Keep an open look out all season for a 3--I dont think we have a long term solution on the roster. We couldve had Troy Williams early last year--kind of fits the mold of what we are looking for at that position

F Be opportunistic--take reasonable chances on cheap players but steer clear of a major deal that involves draft picks over the next 3 years. If there is one bit of evidence we can look back at--trading draft picks that are unprotected is not a smart idea.

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10/19/2017  3:20 PM
But you know what? probably you will be right. There is a lot of reasons for Mills to take Blatt. Blatt is not available right now, is he? Then it is probably why Mills didn't fire Jeff right away.

Mills knows he needs friends. Phil took his job too seriously. He fired his own guy then refused to hire his second man as head coach. Now where is he? It is basketball, and it is Game of Throne too.

GustavBahler wrote:My psychological state as a Knicks fan will be tested if Blatt is brought in to coach next year. It will show that this is more about Perry and Mills bringing in their old buddies, than winning.
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10/20/2017  11:55 AM
Oh, I found it I actually missed your post.

One funny thing I found is that while a lot of fans don't like Dolan, but in secret they look like him.

For example, Dolan always find his friends to take care Knicks. Fans hate it. But A lot of them would suggest some former Knicks players or assistant coach instead. But think about it, it is still favoritism. If someone is a newcomer and takes the starter role instead of the current Knicks, we usually hate the new one.

I am not sure why it would turn to be this way. Many fans don't view the team as a place to work together. Instead they look at it as a battleground for their favorite players to climb up to the top. As my post above this one wrote about, we are going to hate Kanter and Sessions. They are vets, and they practices hard. Jeff would let them start because it is how the coaches establish their authority and encourage their players to practice harder.

But very soon, we will show a lot of hatred to Jeff, Kanter and Sessions.

The history will repeat itself, but we will have no Phil Jackson to blame.

People still don't understand what they have done. We can kill off Phil Jackson but we cannot kill off Dolan's friends because they are not one man. They just recycle themselves. It was totally impossible for Isiah Thomas to replace Phil Jackson, but it will be much easier to replace Steve Mills with him if Mills is awful. All in all, we just killed our only chance to get away with the influence of Dolan. Probably our hope is that he feels bored then he will sell the team. Wishful thinking, I know.

jrodmc wrote:It's been discussed previously here (like every other topic) that there are myriad types of fans.
The geographically loyal fan; this is my hood, my team, my players, my coach, my GM, my prez, my dysfunctional owner, my security guards, etc, etc, good, bad or indifferent.
The classic front runner fans, those who watch and like basketball, but tie their hats to the latest and greatest super team, whether it be some starphucqued triumvirate or the classic Spurs and GS 'fans' who love basketball played the right way (which also happens to be the way THEY think it should be played).
The player lovers; Lil'Nate, DLee, Gallo, Linsanity, Cole, Jimmer... these fans come and go and really don't GAS about the team, per se.
And guess what, none of this is bad, not even the front runners or the player lovers.

The group that is hardest to own up to, but the easiest to psychoanalyze, or the ones who are fans of Self.

You can spot their posts a mile away. Constantly deriding others while pontificating about their tremendous knowledge and ability to express things in the most logical, incredibly competent way, to the point that if they weren't actually spending time trying to explain to you unwashed idiots how this Knicks franchise (and every franchise for that matter) should be run, they would have already cured cancer, made billions for charity as a captain of all industries, and bartered for world peace. And they have some underlying statistics and slightly over-strained analogies to back this stance up. Of course, most of these types couldn't hit a free throw or haven't played or loved the game at any level. But like little gnome-like sports reporters who make a living ragging on athletes and critiquing how they play, if you can't play, act like you know how you would if you could. And be loud and use as many paragraphs as possible.

What's funny, or not really funny, is that most of the first groups may realize, to some extent, that they are just a bunch of shmoes typing on the internet. The last group never quite seems to believe that about themselves. Which IMO, is where the most amount of friction arises on the board. Having friendly debates with demi-gods normally only works well in Avengers movies.

You can deal with homers (me being one). You can deal with the constant street-smart-cool/doom and gloom NYC standard fan. But the profile who gets on here to do nothing but tout their own brilliance? Tiring.

End of rant. Their will be no further "parts".

The psychological state of New York Knicks fans

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