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Trey Burke Nigel Hayes & XRM are history
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10/14/2017  9:20 PM
CrushAlot wrote:
BigRedDog wrote:
meloshouldgo wrote:
CrushAlot wrote:
meloshouldgo wrote:Is the G-League the new name for the D-League or is it something different? I am at a complete loss with the Burke,Jack and similar signings.
It is the new name for the D League. I am not sure if the rules have changed but teams in the past could protect up to 4 players from the D League draft that they brought to camp.

Got it, still don't want Burke or Jack. I would rather keep X-Ray Man and Nigel Hayes. The first two have had their stint, they don't deserve anything more, the two rookies may yet be able to show something

That is ridiculous. Burkes ceiling is so much higher than the other 2, he is worth taking a look at. XRM and Hayes don't look like NBA players at all. They never showed anything. Burk was #9 ? pick in the draft. Still only 24 or 25. Give him a chance here and see what we got. It sounds like he is willing to play in the G league. If it worked out , him and Nitty would be a great pg combo.

I agree. Hayes was pretty disappointing in the sl as well. I am not sure why he got an invite to camp.

Happy that we gave Hayes a chance, but he has not shown much at all...deer in the headlights for the most part. I think he has a different contract than Mayes, though, with a little more guaranteed $$. I'm thinking they put him in the G-League.

Can't see keeping Jack, although I did not think Sessions looked great by any stretch of the imagination.

I would go with Baker and Frank at PG, and see if Burke can show anything in the G-League. Knicks don't need a scorer at PG...we actually have a lot of scoring potential at the other positions...would rather go for a pass first defensive player at the 1.

EnySpree: Can we agree to agree not to mention Phil Jackson and triangle for the rest of our lives?
Trey Burke Nigel Hayes & XRM are history

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