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They just can’t take away your country by Enes Kanter
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10/12/2017  8:48 AM

This was originally published back in May.

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10/12/2017  9:05 AM    LAST EDITED: 10/12/2017  4:18 PM
Paris907 wrote:https://www.theplayerstribune.com/enes-kanter-turkey-passport/
This was originally published back in May.

I seriously worry about Enes' wellbeing here in New York with all of the Turkish Embassy thugs running around. They're brutal.

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10/12/2017  11:38 AM
That's truly effed up. I had no idea he was going through this type of persecution, I am definitely worried about his safety and I can only imagine what he must be going through.
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10/12/2017  9:22 PM
holy **** this is messed up
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10/12/2017  10:15 PM
My problems are trivial. More power to Enes.
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10/12/2017  10:24 PM
Damn! At any moment his parents could be targeted. I don't even know if I would be able to play with that on my mind.
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10/12/2017  10:52 PM
So sad. I hope everything turns out okay for Enes.
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10/13/2017  12:49 AM
I can't say I like him as a player but I like him as a human being.
They just can’t take away your country by Enes Kanter

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