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Lance & KOQ- Teams have Intersert
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10/11/2017  12:57 PM
EnySpree wrote:I think Lance is a bum. He's not rotation worthy. Beasley, Dotson and McDermott make him obsolete

Lance may be injury prone and lost a step but this “bum” shoots 42% from three and can defend better than anyone we recently acquired. Sure, I say move him and Quinn and more. It’s a rebuild right?
Yet don’t be surprised when $18 million contracts with no defense go bye bye before year end.

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10/11/2017  1:19 PM
Finestrg wrote:
martin wrote:
Finestrg wrote:I wonder if we could ever get SAC to trade Frank Mason III. There's a guy I really wanted in this last draft. I know Vlade really likes him a lot. Was never sure about Frank N. as a full-time PG to begin with + he's hurt all the time now AND I don't like the depth we have behind him at all.

Cat Barber's a guy I feel we should be keeping an eye on. Played in the D League last year, then signed on to play in Italy. Very good scorer with decent enough passing skills. I think this dude would be an excellent backup PG.

It's real early but as of right now, I really like this kid Thomas Wilder in next summer's draft for us -- 6'3" PG from Western Michigan. Very good shooter with size/strength, a killer crossover and a real quick 1st step.

Quality PG depth moving forward looks to be a real concern right now.

This is a weird take for me. You are not sure about Frank N but the Knicks sure like him, and Baker too. They drafted one kid at #8 and gave the other a ridiculous contract.

And they absolutely signed Sessions as a mentor and are hoping Jack can do the same.

And you are suggesting we trade KOQ (or LT) because of the depth issue at C... to create a depth issue at PG? Does that make sense?

What's so hard to understand? I have a guarded, concerned view about Frank Ntilikina as an NBA PG and the lack of depth at the PG position for this team moving forward in general. Thought I've been pretty clear about it but I'll attempt to explain further.. What do we really know about Nitty when you get right down to it? He's very young and may never be a true PG. If you and some others don't want to concede that possibility, that's fine. I like being optimistic as much as anyone around here, you know that...but...I think you have to concede that possibility, as much as no one wishes for it, starting with me. Maybe FN winds up being an all-star --OR-- maybe he winds up better off the ball in the NBA, who knows? Look at Iman Shumpert, a guy the Knicks were billing as a big ball-handling guard in the NBA when they made that pick but after awhile in actuality, Shumpert proved he was no lead guard--he's showed he's a SG, and not too good a SG at that... I understand the Knicks like Nitty and he appears to have talent but the guy who was ultimately responsible for drafting him is no longer here now, another thing that doesn't quite sit well with me.

When Mills and co. came out after Phil's departure and openly endorsed Frank with the pick, were they being completely truthful there or were they spinning some damage control (still have no clue why, if they knew they were going to cut the cord with Phil, they let him draft a player. Made no sense to me at all. ZERO). AND the kid's been hurt--not his fault at all and I feel for him, believe me, but it's taken away opportunities to get a good look at him from a fan's point of view going back to SL. All together, a bit concerning no?

I said at the time of acquisition of both players -- Sessions and Jack do very little for me. Neither guy was that great a player to begin with and neither guy will (or should) be retained for more than this year. Both guys are ultra short term -- Jack may not even last past the pre-season. Probably won't, esp. after the Trey Burke pickup, which, incidentally, I openly endorsed about a week or 2 ago with my own thread on him. Nice to see they picked him up. He makes much more sense to me than either Sessions or Jack. If we're gonna lose and lose big this year, I want to see big-time player development at all positions including PG, not Sessions or Jack running around out there taking playing time away from Nitty or now, Trey Burke. Why not go with 2 young PGs with potential this year? Sacramento's doing that with De'Aaron Fox and Frank Mason, right? I'd like to see us do the same thing here with Nitty and Burke. And if Nitty does prove he's not NBA PG material, we now have Trey Burke who, hopefully, we keep and attempt to develop ALONG WITH Ntilikina. There's still plenty of potential there with Burke.. Hope that's the plan. If so, I like it.

It's weird to me that Trey Burke has one foot out the NBA door, can barely get an offer in the NBA and yet you think there is still plenty of potential with him.

Dude drafted at #8 and just turns 19, you are guarded about his potential for even being a PG.

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Lance & KOQ- Teams have Intersert

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