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Papabear out of the hospital and waiting for that ring.
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10/10/2017  12:29 AM
Glad to see you are well. Hopefully there will be some good basketball to watch and listen to soon.
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10/10/2017  11:58 AM
Wishing you good health Papabear! Hopefully that ear will clear, and the Knicks you can cheer.
Right from the beginning, this kid wanted to be a Knick. I'm crazy enough because I can relate: I asked to be a Knick. To ask for that you have to be a certain type of competitor.
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10/10/2017  12:59 PM
Get Well soon!
Yet another mistake by Dolan. When will it end?
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10/10/2017  1:29 PM
Congrats on your recovery, best wishes on your health going forward.
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10/10/2017  8:07 PM
Papabear Says

To my brothers in the Knicks. Thank you so much for your cheers and uplifting thoughts. As you all know we are brothers and sisters when it comes to the Knicks and the UltimateKnicks.com We laugh together and we cry together when it comes to the Knicks. Some of us are angry some are encouraged, some hate but they still love the knicks. Remember We are brothers and sisters who love the Knicks in our own way. I wrote a song called Together We'll find a Way by Jimmy Briscoe and the Beavers it's on you tubes check it out and maybe post it here.

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10/10/2017  8:44 PM
Get well brother.
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10/11/2017  8:16 AM
Hope you heal up quickly.
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10/11/2017  9:06 AM
This could be the high point of the preseason, Papabear!

Get well bro.

You guys spend a lot of time commenting on the internet?
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10/11/2017  11:30 AM
Get well and watch the Knicks with ease.
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10/11/2017  5:02 PM
knicks1248 wrote:I still struggle with you referring to yourself as a 3rd person.. I hope you don't talk like that

but get well soon

Only Knicks 1248 can **** up a get well wish!!!

Papa, you go a head and talk about yourself in any terms you like!! Nalod be right there cheering you on!
Glad the tumor only too your hearing for now than all of you with it!! Take care and we all rooting stereo comes back but if you gotta go Mono that’s still pretty good!!!
Rebuilding year for both you and the knicks!!!

Knicks1248: 1. Dolan should be more involved! 2. Why would any knick fan want pick 8, when that spot has a history of producing marginal NBA taken. (He prefers pick 9th instead)
Papabear out of the hospital and waiting for that ring.

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