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Weird timing, Knicks waive Jamel Artis
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10/4/2017  12:27 PM
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10/4/2017  12:30 PM
Not too weird. Didn't expect him to keep roster anyway. Maybe he got a better offer overseas and he requested it?
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10/4/2017  12:32 PM
BigDaddyG wrote:Not too weird. Didn't expect him to keep roster anyway. Maybe he got a better offer overseas and he requested it?

Yeah, meant weird timing.

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10/4/2017  12:45 PM
classy move playing him for a stretch last night. Teams will sometimes do that just so they can showcase a bit. He had zero chance of making this roster IMO
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10/4/2017  12:49 PM
martin wrote:

I thought he looked like a player that doesn't belong in the NBA right now. or was so nervous he looked out of place. now I only watched him when he first came in the game....maybe he got better near the end, but I'm not surprised. What would've surprised me if we gave him bakers contract. . like we've done in the past.

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10/4/2017  1:14 PM
Should of waived X.R.Mayes who was absolutely horrible last night and was actually a big reason why we didn't have a better chance of winning that game with his 4th quarter turnovers and missed shots. Artis was actually pretty good in his limited floor time.
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10/4/2017  3:06 PM

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10/4/2017  3:29 PM
Seemed like a nice player. He wasn't going to play over anybody on the roster. I'd like to keep him close though.
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10/4/2017  6:07 PM
I thought he was looking too much for his shot at the end. He could made the extra pass for the right play. I guess he wanted to show his scoring ability
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10/15/2017  10:51 AM
You playTrey Burke... Wally Szcerbiak
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10/15/2017  11:36 AM
CrushAlot wrote:

I thought he was worth keeping as a G-League player.

One thing I always say, though, is that none of us really see what these guys do in Knicks workouts/practce games. I expect that in many instances newer players show more of what they can, or can't, do in practice workouts, where they feel fewer restrictions. Who knows how Artis looked.

Could also be possible that they were so happy with McDermott and Beasley that Artis, an older rookie who turns 25 in January, became expendable.

Still, I expected the Knicks to keep him in one capacity or another.

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10/15/2017  3:24 PM
Bummer. I thought he was a cut above the usual fodder we bring in for SL/training camp. Wouldn't surprise me to see him stick somewhere like a Sean Kilpatrick.
Weird timing, Knicks waive Jamel Artis

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