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Preseason Gamethread: Brooklyn starts it off
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10/5/2017  1:13 PM    LAST EDITED: 10/5/2017  1:15 PM
nixluva wrote:
martin wrote:
fishmike wrote:
newyorknewyork wrote:Frank can end up sucking as a offensive guard but still be an all team defensive player.
He can end up sucking as a PG but still end up as one of the better shooters
He can end up sucking at shooting and defense but still be cappable of running an offense gdtting 8-10 ast.

We dont know what he will become. But lottery talent is absolutely there.

Yea this... injuries can derail any player, but Frank has been healthy. At worst he looks like a bigger Eric Snow. Two things I think were questions were his handle and quickness. They are both there

i am wondering how he will look defensively again the quicker PGs like Wall, etc. No one can keep up but can he show some defensive chops against this type of player

I suspect at first he'll get blown by as he's never faced that level of quickness. But I think he'll eventually adjust and learn how to defend that kind of speed. I noticed Nitty got caught a couple of times where he was too close and this is something he's going to have to learn about NBA level guards. IMO learning the proper distance to contain the top guards takes some time.

In the NBA, it's almost imposible to have the same defensive game plan with all NBA PG's. Guarding John Wall is different from guarding Kyrie or Steph. So Frank really has to be a student and prepare for each game, which I'm sure he's doing. And over time he will understand what works and what doesn't work. But yes, in the beginning, he will be plenty of blow byes. And knick fans will over react like we always do.

I saw a few things he needs to correct, like trusting his teammates or communicating when switching. one possession he left his man wide open to guard the guy next to him, who was also wide open. That means two players was guarding one player and his man was now the open man. That caused a ripple affect and eventually they scored. That's defensive chemistry and understanding and trusting your teammates. That takes more time than 1 preseason game to correct.

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Preseason Gamethread: Brooklyn starts it off

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